Wednesday’s Market List


This Wednesday will be the best day for market this week!  The weather will be barely above 90 but no rain until the weekend.  Stock up on the many delicious vegetables gleaned from our farmers fields!  One way to use a good portion of this week’s offerings would be to make a stew.  Did your grandmother make stewed okra in tomatoes?  Here’s a recipe that adds green beans, garlic and onions to the mix!


Abanitu Organics will have leeks and garlic, basil, and flowers.

Cloverfield Farms and Hester Produce will have honey, Jade snap beans, okra, blueberries, and cherry tomatoes and Tapas peppers. Calvin will also have peach preserves, bluebird houses, pecans, and small birds crafts that are yellow, red, and blue.

Blue Crown Farm will have:
Green leaf lettuce $3 per loose leaf bag (12oz)
Blueberries $4 per pint
Basil $2 per 4 oz bag or $6 per lb
Kohlrabi 50 cents ea
Kale – Purple and Dino (Lacinato) $2 per bag (8oz)
Fennel bulb $2
Zucchini and Squash $1.40 /lb
Cucumber $1.40 /lb

Stillwater Farms and Food will bring chicken and duck eggs


Parker Farm and Vineyard will be at market with squash, cucumbers, green beans, onions, flowers and grass-fed beef!

S&H Farm will be at the Wednesday Person County Farmers Market with Certified Naturally Grown produce.  On the tables you’ll find:
Cucumbers – green and yellow
Sweet peppers
Straight-neck yellow squash
Cherry tomatoes
Yellowfin zucchini
–To hold items for pick-up: sandhfarm@gmail.com

**UPCOMING** Saturday, 27 June, 10:30am, Person County Library’s own Miss Amanda will be doing a “Down on the Farm” storytime. She will bring bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a little animal inspired crafts.


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Enjoy Wednesday at the Market!  Join us 3-6pm
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As a reminder, pets are not allowed beneath the market shelter.