Saturday’s Labor Day Weekend Market

We’ll be at the Person County Farmers Market this Saturday from 8am until Noon bringing you the best local eggs, produce and meat to make your Labor Day Weekend a delicious feast!
Also be sure to catch Roxboro artist and painting instructor, Chrystal Hardt, who will be demonstrating her talents right before your very eyes!  She’s available for private and group classes, teaching in both oils and watercolors.  Come enjoy her work as much as we do!


Saudade Farm will have pasture-raised eggs!

Hester Produce and Cloverfield Farms will have honey, okra, chile peppers, melons, dried butterbeans, dried October beans, preserves of strawberry, peach, and pear and will bring oak and walnut Nativity scenes

Chrystal Hardt will have art and photography cards for sale and she’ll be doing a painting demo!


Back to school means sniffles and shared germs (and sometimes shared bugs).  Be Prepared!
Stop by Make Mine Homemade‘s table at market and sample Cold & Flu Kicker, a tasty immune building herbal tea, and be sure to pick up a bottle of all natural hair detangler (made with essential oils known to repel head lice). You’ll also find all of your favorite all natural, herbal health and body care products. Follow on Facebook and be among the first to know about sales, specials, and new products!

Stillwater Farm and Food will bring both chicken AND duck eggs!

Brookstone Farm will have for sale:

4M Farm will have:
Shelled Peas
Butter Beans
Green Beans


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Enjoy Saturday at the Market!  Join us 8am until Noon
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As a reminder:  For the safety and comfort of our customers, pets are not allowed beneath the market shelter and please refrain from parking under the shelter.