Saturday’s Market

Join us Saturday from 8am until Noon.  We have incredible, edible eggs, baked greats, farm-fresh produce and handmade items from local artists.
Support your local farmers and artisans and join in the conversation!

Saudade Farms will have fresh eggs!

Rising Sun Breads will be bringing:
Many loaves of Artisan Breads. New Fall breads include Rye, Asiago peppercorn, and maybe Potato.
Granola bars including APPLE
Pound cake slices and tea bread slices
Pies!! Apple and tomato pies
Call if she can bring you anything special.  It will be the last Saturday for this Market Season that Darla will be bringing her delicious baked goods, so stock up!


Red Mountain Goodness will bring their luxurious goat’s milk soaps and shampoo bars!

4M Farm will have:
Shelled Peas
Butter Beans
Green Beans


Family Farmstead is bringing their eggs!

Susan Korn of Korn Creations will be bringing her polished stones and handmade jewelry to market Saturday! Her necklaces and earrings are made with many elements including handmade beads, different stones such as amethyst, rose quartz, jade, turquoise, and many other ingredients that produce elegant jewelry at affordable prices.

Hester Produce and Cloverfield Farms will have honey, okra, chile peppers, melons, peach and pear preserves, dried butter beans, and handmade Nativity figures.

Stillwater Farms and Food will bring chicken AND duck eggs!


Please click any links above to place pre-reserved orders for market pick-up

Enjoy Saturday at the Market!  Join us 8am until Noon
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As a reminder:  For the safety and comfort of our customers, pets are not allowed beneath the market shelter and please refrain from parking under the shelter.