Saturday’s Market

Swiss chard planted

It’s that time – we are winding DOWN the open market days, this Saturday is our second-to-last – and we’re gearing UP for those great cool-weather greens to enliven our salads and sautees.  That’s why I’m happy to welcome back Allied Organic Farms who have been busy plugging-away at their healthful share of delicious green goodness!
Also, be sure to make it to our last market day, Saturday 3 October, when we’ll be having music by Johnny Beaucoup supplemented with snow cones!

Tom and Linda of Allied Organic Farms are back with heads of lettuce, gourmet leaf lettuce, Swiss chard and garlic!

Red Mountain Goodness will be there with a wide range of goat’s milk soaps and shampoo bars.

Stillwater Farms and Food will be there with eggs, chicken and duck and plants – Aloe Vera, Thyme & Rosemary.

4M Farm will have peppers, shelled peas, butter beans, green beans, okra and huge slicing tomatoes

Hester Produce and Cloverfield Farms will have honey, chestnuts, Toad Skin melons, three types of chile peppers, okra, shelled pecans, shelled walnuts, dried butter beans, and handmade Nativity scenes.

Evelyn Terry will join us Saturday with her dulcimer and well-known tunes to charm the market’s atmosphere – she welcomes all who want to join her in song!


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Enjoy Saturday at the Market!  Join us 8am until Noon
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