Last Wednesday Market of 2015


This is the LAST WEDNESDAY of Person County Farmers Market 2015 Season!

Please join us for our usual gang of Wednesday marketers – Bob, Calvin, Karen, and Debbie, Obie and Sheritta are back! and our new-favorite rookie, Clay, will all be in attendance to send us off!

From this point, we change to a pre-order Wednesday market pick-up but you have to be on our email list – write to personcountyfm@gmail.com if you would like to receive weekly emails of availability throughout the Autumn/Winter to continue to purchase from a selection of our vendors.


Family Farmstead will be bringing eggs, maybe some arugula, basil, rosemary and perhaps a few cut flowers!

Blue Crown Farm will have:
Tomatoes, Leaf Lettuce Heads, Eggplant, Okra, Pak Choi

S&H Farm will be at the Person County Farmers Market this Wednesday with their Certified Naturally Grown produce!


Abanitu Organics will have muscadine grapes, garlic, spicy salad greens, kale, heads of lettuce, chard and ginger!

Stillwater Farms and Food will have both chicken and duck eggs, oregano, rosemary and aloe plants along with homemade crafts


Hester Produce and Cloverfield Farms will be selling honey, melons, chile peppers, chestnuts, jalapeno pepper jelly, dried butter beans, and handmade Nativity scenes.

ALSO please welcome back Evelyn Terry to our last mid-week market – we’ve enjoyed her presence on Wednesdays both with her dulcimer and with her sweet, upbeat attitude!  Here she is showing another market favorite, local T’ai Chi instructor, Peter Kay, the secrets to playing the dulcimer.



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Enjoy Wednesday at the Market!  Join us 3-6pm
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