What type of price tag would you put on your health?

We received the following from one of our new customers
“What type of price tag would you put on your health?  This is my question to myself when I approach my grocery shopping.  Ultimately, by spending that extra $1.00 on those beautiful, organic carrots that my kids gobble up quicker than a bag a Doritos, my family is benefiting from all of the nutritional content of a vegetable that is loaded in Vitamin A (good for the eyes), K (which helps protect their bones) and of course Vitamin C, (which helps support their immune system) just to name a few!  Plus all the fiber that helps to keep their whole system running efficiently!  Consumers need to stop looking at eating processed foods and fast food restaurants as the quick fix for their meals!  (What’s faster than grabbing that fresh carrot and eating it right then and there?)  By doing this, you are only hurting your body and getting sick more often, in turn paying extra money to go to the doctor and get medicine!  Life is in good soil!  Good soil produces nutrient dense food which our bodies were meant to live on.  My goal is to only purchase my produce, meat, and eggs from the farmer’s market.  After relocating to the Roxboro area from Nevada, my four kids and I anticipate Saturday mornings as a fun day because we love meeting the farmers, learning about good food (and of course buying it!) and having a healthy body!  And, we look forward to helping some of our favorite farms by volunteering our time to do what the farmer needs to catch up on in the farm, as well as give my children the experience of learning what good soil is and where our food really does come from (which you can’t do with processed foods and fast food restaurants!).  Thanks Person County Farmer’s Market for making our transition to your hospitable area so PERSONable!”

Heidi Mize
Homeschooling Mother of 4
Heidi’s daughter fast asleep but holding on to her carrot!

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