Special Cooking Demo This Saturday 4/28: Do Not Miss This One!!!!

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: THIS COMING SATURDAY: DON’T MISS THIS!!!!! EVERYONE WHO CAME BY LAST WEDNESDAY RAVED ABOUT THIS FOOD: Special Cooking Demo this Saturday, 4/28 at the market. Chef Derek St.Romain, Executive Chef at The Duke Diet and Fitness Center, will be at the market and cooking. He will be starting a little after 9am so make sure to stop by and bring a friend. While you are at the market on Wednesday, make sure to ask Derek about Backyard Pro Bow, a nonprofit, charitable, membership based organization committed to protecting and preserving our hunter heritage as food provider by involving the non-hunting property owner. Derek is the area coordinator for Backyard Pro Bow.

Remember, It’s always fresher in Person!!!

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