Saturday at the Market:

Green beans, carrots, yukon gold potatoes, onions, lettuce mix, carrots, basil, peppers, dill, cucumbers, kale, Swiss chard, green beans, and 6 varieties of tomatoes, onion bunches and peppers (green and white bells, green Italian and cubanelles). Leaf lettuce, squash, Fresh herbs and teas (cilantro, bergamot, lemon bergamot, sage, rosemary, dill, oregano, tulsi (holy basil), stevia, basil mix (Thai, lemon, cinnamon, purple basils), chamomile, calendula), Dried spices (oregano, rosemary, sage, purple basil),Dried herbal teas (lavender and lemon bergamot), Zinnias,    Beef  and chicken,    Cookies, homemade crackers, pastries and breads.

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